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Captain Beefheart Dead


69 year old Don Van Vlient, the US artist and Musician famous as “Captain Beefheart” lost the battle of his life against encephalomyelitis disseminata on Friday.  The authorities have confirmed the death news of Captain Beefheart and it has been told that Captain Beefheart was suffering from encephalomyelitis disseminata and the complications of the disease [...]

FBI alert:A Barbie doll equipped with a video camera!


The FBI has launched a “cyber-alert” about a new Barbie doll model who has a tiny video camera, toy that might attract those interested in pornography. According to the warning issued by the Bureau on November 30 in Sacramento (California) American federal police, the camera can record 30 minutes illegal, images can be downloaded to [...]

Katy Perry played for soldiers from a military base in California!


Several thousand soldiers applauded frantically Katy Perry, who took pictures with fans after  a concert in gaved their honor in California. Dressed provocatively, the 24 years star  has appeared with a parachute, and then was removed from the harness left by  several dancers dressed in military. The show ended with a fireworks display. Diana Ross, [...]

Cartoon characters for FaceBook profiles (Smurfs, Ren and Stimy, Rainbow Brite, Fraggle Rock, Wonder Woman)


The Cartoon pictures for FaceBook profiles. This was one of the hottest searches and topics on the internet in the last day. Basically a new fever hit the FaceBook were everybody is changing their FaceBook picture profile with their favorite cartoon pictures. Cartoons from the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s are all over the Facebook in [...]

Lady Gaga has dressed in a…corpse!


Lady GaGa amazes again with a look even stranger than before. After she posed in a coffin for a charitable purpose, the eccentric artist went on. She went out shopping looking like a cadaver. And it was very theatrical makeup, lipstick is the icing on the cake … all black. See photo! Foto Splash News [...]

VIDEO:Dangerous love story between Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie!


Romantic thriller “The Tourist” is ready for release in cinemas. Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie talked about the first movie that plays together. Their characters live in a dangerous romance. So bright, that Depp’s real life partner , Vanessa Paradis, was a little worried that “her Pirate of the Caribbean”  will fall in  charms of [...]

He implanted the third eye in the neck!


A man from New York stunned the whole world with his project. Determined to document carefully every minute of his  life, the artist has implanted a camera in his head, somewhere above the neck. The device will capture more than half a million photographs and all images will be designed in a modern art museum [...]

The world has gone mad! An Australian has married with a dog!


A man from Toowoomba, Australia, married on Tuesday, with his best friend, a dog  breed Labrador, in an elegant ceremony. Guiso Joseph believes that if all means the best in the world with quadruped, why not unite their destinies with it. So he convinced family and friends to attend the marriage ceremony held by. The [...]

EMINEM: ten Grammy nominations!


Eminem could leave  full of trophies at the Grammy Awards. Rapper received ten nominations, including best album of the year and best song. The announcement was made at a ceremony in Los Angeles. Eminem has heard the name uttered on stage ten times, so it has a good chance to hear it many times and [...]

VIDEO:The first Christmas tree in New York was lit on for the first time last night!


New York has started preparations for the winter holidays. Rockefeller shopping center lit on the Christmas tree at midnight, November 30. And it’s not about any tree, but one particular – brought directly from the courtyard of one of the first firefighters who responded to the call for help came on 11 September 2001 at [...]

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