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UK To Block All Internet Pornography?


A member of the British Parliment, a conversative one at that, has made an attempt to block all pornography sites from reaching British users. The British government plans to meet with ISP, or Internet Service Providers,  next month to discuss the idea of censoring all Internet connections and requiring users to specifically request access to pornographic [...]

Track Your Home Energy Use By WiFi


There is a new application that allows you to track your home energy use by WIFI. This means you can use a computer, smartphone, or laptop to monitor the watts and kilowatts that your home is using each day. The application is called PowerMeter and it is created by Google.  Blueline Innovation is the brains [...]

EU Shows Concern Over Intel Deal


Intel Corporation has almost completed the deal to purchase McAfee Incorporation, security specialist software but the officials of European Union have showed their concerns over the Intel deal and they have jumped into the matter that could delay the 7.68 billion deal. It has been reported that the officials of EU are scrutinising the Intel [...]

China Looks To Reconnect With India


  India is one of the most fertile markets in the world and Pakistan is one of the most important countries for the entire world. President of the United States, Barack Obama recently visited India to grab the business opportunities that await other countries but he skipped the visit with Pakistan. That was a huge [...]

Bank Of England Issues Warnings To UK Banks


The bank of England has issued the warning to UK banks about the continual financial issues in the Eurozone. The Bank of England has stated that the bi-annual financial stability report has suggested keeping a very close eye on the financial power of European lenders and it needs strict measures to move along. The UK [...]

Eurozone Leaders Meet To Discuss Debt Crisis


European leaders meeting in Brussels this week are expressing concerns about the stability of the Eurozone and how to contain the debt crisis that is slowly crippling Eurozone bonds. The two-day summit is seeking a way to establish a permanent agreement on how to rescue countries with heavy debt burdens. One problem facing the leaders [...]

Greek Riots Turn Bloody


Greek police have detained and fought back Greek protesters in the capital city of Athens as unions, who are on a general strike against government austerity measures, refuse proposed changes in pay and benefits. As violence turned ugly outside of parliament, demonstrators threw petrol bombs and rocks and police retaliated with tear gas. A former [...]

Tim Davlin, Springfield Illinois Mayor, Dies In Apparent Suicide


Tim Davlin, the mayor of Springfield, Illinois was found dead in his home on Tuesday morning. Police responded to a 911 call around 9am Tuesday morning at Davlin’s hone and found the Democratic mayor dead. Davlin failed to show up for a court hearing in a case involving his late cousin’s will and estate plans. [...]

New Big Ten Logo Released Today: April Fools?


The Big Ten conference, primarily made up of major colleges and universities in the mid-West United States, released their new logo today to a cacophony of criticism.   The logo was designed by Michael Bierut and Michael Gericke “The new Big Ten logo was developed to symbolize the conference’s future, as well as its rich heritage, [...]

Police raid in Ford offices in Germany


German authorities have conducted several searches in offices and homes of employees of the local division of Ford, in an investigation of corruption and tax evasion. According to investigators, employees of the Department of reconfiguring the production halls are suspected of accepting bribes from corporate partners to charge the costs of these operations through illegal [...]

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