Cartoon characters for FaceBook profiles (Smurfs, Ren and Stimy, Rainbow Brite, Fraggle Rock, Wonder Woman)


The Cartoon pictures for FaceBook profiles. This was one of the hottest searches and topics on the internet in the last day.

Basically a new fever hit the FaceBook were everybody is changing their FaceBook picture profile with their favorite cartoon pictures.

Cartoons from the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s are all over the Facebook in this moment.

Changing of Facebook profile picture in to cartoon picture will be untill December,6th,Monday.This change is to see no human face on Facebook profile picture on December 6th and to memorize the childhood favorite cartoon character.

“Rainbow Brite,” “Smurfs,” “Ren and Stimpy,” “Rugrats,” “Doug” , “hong kong phooey,” “care bear pictures” are along the favourites photos on the Facebook profiles now.

Some Facebookers do not understand what the big deal with cartoon Facebook but then they likely have better things to do then update Facebook profiles like actually do something about child cruelty. The reality is that people are addicted to Facebook and now finding the best cartoon pictures for Facebook is their mission.

So go ahead and chose your favorite cartoon picture for your Facebook profile.

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