Captain Beefheart Dead

69 year old Don Van Vlient, the US artist and Musician famous as “Captain Beefheart” lost the battle of his life against encephalomyelitis disseminata on Friday.

 The authorities have confirmed the death news of Captain Beefheart and it has been told that Captain Beefheart was suffering from encephalomyelitis disseminata and the complications of the disease took hIs life. The Michael Werner Gallery that exhibits the painting of Captain Beefheart also confirmed his death news.

Captain Beefheart was most famous for “Trout Mask Replica”, the album got released by Captain Beefheart and by the musical band back in 1969.

The album was a totally unusual album and the strange, jarring and bony lyrics dragged him away from normal music but placed his name in the history of rock music. Frank Zappa, one of Vlient’s school friends and pioneer of experimental rock produced the album.

“Trout Mask Replica” was ranked 58 in the 500 best albums of the history by Rolling Stone magazine in the recent past.

Rolling Stone magazine stated about Captain Beefheart back in 1970 that “Recorf producers have always been certain that Don Vlient was just hype away from the big money but Beefheart stubbornly continues what he’s doing and waits patiently for everyone else to come around.”

Captain Beefheart established his personality as an example for the next musical generation due to his reachable sound and business-related success story. Van Vlient was also known as an upper grade composer of classic music and for his close relation to free jazz musical community.

Van Vlient moved to paining as a full time profession in 1980. He showed his art and skills by painting by expressing his unique style in painting.

The funeral services plan has yet to be announced.

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