British Schools install face recognition systems, for students not to be late


Several schools in Britain have bought and installed face recognition systems that students are required to use them to approach being to persuade the school to delay no longer, reports the Daily Mail.

Inner edge scans children’s faces when they enter school, the technology being used for school management to know who came to school and who and who is not delayed.

Teachers would be the new “target” of such systems, given the repeated delays in the teaching profession.

The technology is already used in ten schools and their performance could be duplicated in schools across the country.

The system can also send messages to certain groups of children. Thus, face recognition process, done with a “box” the size of an A3 sheet, students are required to enter a four digit PIN to confirm his identity. After that, the screen displays a message system is linked to changes in schedule or an ad from a particular teacher for a particular class. Registration can not be made until the student does not tick that has read and understood the message that it was intended.

The equipment was designed by Aurora Computer Services company in Northamptonshire, who gave assurances that students will be practically impossible to present as their friends go missing.

The system is now used in schools in Northamptonshire, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire. Installing equipment in a school in the wing housing the reception and sixth grades, cost 9,000 pounds.

“Technology is simply incredible. Next, each student must complete one form at reception every time he came and went. Now, in just a few seconds, all information is stored,” said one sixth grader benefiting from it.

However, organizations that advocate for privacy rights have reacted negatively, calling the system as a new violation of civil liberties in the context in which the British had to deal with the most developed system of electronic surveillance of all countries.

“This is a worrying new development level of surveillance to which we are subject. There is no need for schools to have highly sensitive information about students. These systems do not bring only limited benefits, but may lead to more abuse – from the risk that the data to not be stolen to be misused by unscrupulous individuals. Instead of spending money on nonsense like this, schools should focus on how children are educated, “said campaigns director of the Big Brother organization Watch, Daniel Hamilton.

Facial recognition systems are used in airports, in order to catch those who use false passports. The schools are used as 3D digital facial photographs and infra-red scans.

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