Black hole discovered by NASA still does not threaten Earth, experts say

Black hole discovered by NASA near-Earth will not have much visible effect on our planet. At least not yet. According to astronomers, a black hole has virtually no power to absorb the surrounding objects. American Space Agency Formation discovered, however, is very young and is at a distance.

After having set a world on fire with secrecy, NASA researchers announced they had found the youngest black hole near Earth. People were both disappointed and alarmed at the news. They expected to reveal something more spectacular, such as the discovery of aliens.

However, black hole and has led some to question the Restless. Especially since Monday and have published several simulations of the possible effects of an apocalyptic black holes.

Researchers, however, assures us that there is no reason to panic.

Typically, a black hole inside it can attract all that is around. The phenomenon is however valid only for things that are very close. Earth is located 59 million light years from astral formation – a safe distance according to experts. In addition, the recently discovered hole is very young in its infancy, and not too large in size.

Physicists hope to study in detail, however, to learn more about the formation and evolution of these cosmic phenomena.

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