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Track Your Home Energy Use By WiFi


There is a new application that allows you to track your home energy use by WIFI. This means you can use a computer, smartphone, or laptop to monitor the watts and kilowatts that your home is using each day. The application is called PowerMeter and it is created by Google.  Blueline Innovation is the brains [...]

Patrick House Wins $250,000 On “The Biggest Loser” Finale


“The Biggest Loser” finale ends with Patrick House winning the $250,000 prize. At the beginning of the season finale for the 10th season, the 4 contestants that remained were Patrick House (starting weight 400 lbs), Frado Dinten ( starting weight 367 lbs), Elizabeth Ruiz (starting weight 244 lbs) and Ada Wong (starting weight 258 lbs). [...]

Heidi Jones of WABC-TV, Admits Attack Story In Central Park Was Fiction


Heidi Jones of WABC-TV, has admitted that her story about an attacker in Central Park was fiction. Jones, the weather woman for WABC-TV, was caught in a lie after telling cops an Hispanic man attacked her in the park on Sept. 24. Jones later said the attacker returned two months later as well, a police [...]

Tim Davlin, Springfield Illinois Mayor, Dies In Apparent Suicide


Tim Davlin, the mayor of Springfield, Illinois was found dead in his home on Tuesday morning. Police responded to a 911 call around 9am Tuesday morning at Davlin’s hone and found the Democratic mayor dead. Davlin failed to show up for a court hearing in a case involving his late cousin’s will and estate plans. [...]

26 died after an explosion at a coal mine in China


At least 26 miners have died in a gas explosion at a coal mining center of China. Another 20 miners had escaped after the blast surface. According to local authorities, the mine continued its work although it ordered an end, for failure to comply with safety standards. China’s mining industry is considered the most dangerous [...]

Russian military aircraft have disrupted air maneuvers joint U.S. and Japan


Two Russian military aircraft entered the airspace over the Sea of Japan, during joint air  military maneuvers of the U.S.  and Japan, earlier this week, said Wednesday the Japanese government spokesman. According to Japanese media, the exercises were temporarily suspended because of this intrusion occurred Monday, but Russian authorities have announced that “Russia has not [...]

Unprecedented boycott made by China against Nobel Prize


China’s campaign to boycott the ceremony to award the Nobel Peace Prize got big after another 18 countries joined Beijing’s invitation to not attend Friday in Oslo, writes Financial Times. Russia, Saudi Arabia, Colombia and Pakistan are among the 19 states. Norwegian Nobel awards committee has accused China of applying unprecedented pressure to boycott the [...]

International Monetary Fund revived by global economic crisis


Institution who a few decades ago seemed idle and irrelevant, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has regained the fundamental role in the repair of the world economy. Only this year has provided credit lines to countries like Colombia, El Salvador, Greece, Jamaica, Mexico and Ukraine. With Ireland’s entry to the group member who received financial [...]

Katy Perry played for soldiers from a military base in California!


Several thousand soldiers applauded frantically Katy Perry, who took pictures with fans after  a concert in gaved their honor in California. Dressed provocatively, the 24 years star  has appeared with a parachute, and then was removed from the harness left by  several dancers dressed in military. The show ended with a fireworks display. Diana Ross, [...]

Cartoon characters for FaceBook profiles (Smurfs, Ren and Stimy, Rainbow Brite, Fraggle Rock, Wonder Woman)


The Cartoon pictures for FaceBook profiles. This was one of the hottest searches and topics on the internet in the last day. Basically a new fever hit the FaceBook were everybody is changing their FaceBook picture profile with their favorite cartoon pictures. Cartoons from the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s are all over the Facebook in [...]

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