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Winter Solstice Only 48 Hours Away


Solstice for this passing year is being considered as the most significant solstice for various astrological reasons. First, the moon will show its full face on solstice and before this it has been happened 11 years ago in the year 1999, and before this in 1980. So this is very rare condition when the moon [...]

Greek Riots Turn Bloody


Greek police have detained and fought back Greek protesters in the capital city of Athens as unions, who are on a general strike against government austerity measures, refuse proposed changes in pay and benefits. As violence turned ugly outside of parliament, demonstrators threw petrol bombs and rocks and police retaliated with tear gas. A former [...]

Barcelona has signed the biggest sponsorship deal in football


FC Barcelona Spanish Team has concluded a sponsorship contract worth 150 million euros with the government of Qatar, which will help reduce the club debt, writes the Financial Times. This partnership also has the foundation for future relations between the Spanish football and the Gulf state, which will host the World Cup in 2022. The [...]

Former members of Wikileaks has a rival project, OpenLeaks


Former members of the Wikileaks site,  dissatisfied by its founder Julian Assange , presented their  competitor project Friday called OpenLeaks, to be launched in the near future and will seek to facilitate the disclosure of information directly to the press. Unlike Wikileaks, the OpenLeaks site will  publish live on the Internet, but will also allow [...]

US Mortgage Rates Soar To Highest Level Since June


US mortgage rates have hit their highest levels in nearly 6 months as the rising costs of governemnt borrowing challenges the shaky US housing marketing. The rate for the 30-year fixed rate mortgage averaged 4.61% this past week according to a government survey of Freddie Mac.  The rate last week hovered around 4.46% for the [...]

Peak of police: An agent was fined themselves to make their daily norm!


A policeman from the Polish city Bialograd gave himself  a fine to make their daily standard set by his boss, the newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza, quoted by AFP. Chief of police officers in Bialograd-imposed “one time at least one fine day.” If the burden was not met, staff salaries could be reduced considerably. Scared  to not [...]

Fight in South Korean Parliament

Parliament of South Korea has turned again into a fight arena between political party representatives. Opposition MPs have occupied the lobby of the building and blocked access roads to prevent the budget vote. In turn, representatives of power, tried to force the passage at any cost. The dispute started a program of development of rivers, [...]

Samsung Galaxy Tab passed 1 million sold units in two months, but not enough to beat iPad!


Koreans from Samsung confirmed Monday that it has sold over one million units of tablet Galaxy Tab,  at two months after the launch of the gadget,the main rival is Apple’s iPad, says The Money Times. The news was originally announced last weekend by the company spokesman, in a conversation with journalists from eWeek. The success  [...]

Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks is convinced he will be assassinated


Wikileaks site founder, Julian Assange, the most wanted man of the day, granted an interview Friday for British daily The Guardian, in which he made shocking confessions. Assange is hiding, apparently in the UK, but his arrest is just a matter of days, according to international media. However, Australian journalist gave an interview to The [...]

Strike in the Spanish aviation system will keep between 24-48 hours


Flights from Spain have been frozen Saturday following a  traffic controllers strike, the program is resumed only towards the evening, but authorities estimate it will take “up to 48 hours” to return to normal. Spanish Transport Minister, Jose Blanco, said Saturday afternoon that the country’s airspace is now “fully open” after traffic controllers strike, paralyzing [...]

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