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EU Shows Concern Over Intel Deal


Intel Corporation has almost completed the deal to purchase McAfee Incorporation, security specialist software but the officials of European Union have showed their concerns over the Intel deal and they have jumped into the matter that could delay the 7.68 billion deal. It has been reported that the officials of EU are scrutinising the Intel [...]

Bank Of England Issues Warnings To UK Banks


The bank of England has issued the warning to UK banks about the continual financial issues in the Eurozone. The Bank of England has stated that the bi-annual financial stability report has suggested keeping a very close eye on the financial power of European lenders and it needs strict measures to move along. The UK [...]

Europe faces an unprecedented crisis. Who will be next?


Europe has had, from the economic point of view, a horrible year, with plans to save Greece and Ireland, followed by a cortege of austerity plans, the euro area are obliged to adopt serious reforms in order to survive. “If the euro fails, Europe will fail,” German Chancellor Angela Merkel summed. Since 2008, the crisis [...]

Police raid in Ford offices in Germany


German authorities have conducted several searches in offices and homes of employees of the local division of Ford, in an investigation of corruption and tax evasion. According to investigators, employees of the Department of reconfiguring the production halls are suspected of accepting bribes from corporate partners to charge the costs of these operations through illegal [...]

Kelsey Grammer engaged to Kayte Walsh


Is official, Kelsey Grammer is now engaged with KAyte Walsh. We knew that Kelsey had fallen for Kayte Walsh, but we didn’t know they were engaged. The “Fraiser” Star, 55, is now engaged to Kayte Walsh, 29. The engagement was confirmed by Grammer’s publicist. They’ll have to wait a little longer to wed, because his [...]

Tragedy on a road in Italy: A drugged driver killed seven cyclists


A driver under the influence of drugs hit a group of cyclists in the middle of a race on a road in Italy. Seven people died and four others were injured. The driver was driving without a license. Police suspended his license a few months ago, for committing many irregularities in traffic. The tragedy took [...]

The founder of Wikileaks:Obama should resign if he approved spying on UN officials!


American President, Barack Obama, should resign if he agreed that U.S. diplomats to spy on UN officials, said the founder of Wikileaks in an interview published Sunday by Spanish newspaper El Pais. “The whole chain of command was aware of this order and agreed to resign for the United States to be considered a credible [...]

A landslide buried 200 people in Colombia


200 people were buried alive in Colombia, following a landslide. One person was killed and three others were rescued. Authorities say the chances of survival of those trapped under the mud, drop by the hour. The disaster took place in a suburb of MedellĂ­n, Colombia. Witnesses say have gone through the nightmare moments. Dozens of [...]

A British farmer has created the world’s best chili peppers


A British man has created Naga Viper, a new variety of pepper that has the “hot” taste in the world. Naga Viper is faster than Bhut Jolokia, chili, which until now held the record for most hot peppers. Experts say that the Naga Viper Scoville scale measures the 1.359 million units, compared to other considered [...]

China has set a new record:the train that reached 300 mph!


Chinese will move faster after the inauguration of the railway lines which have already beaten a world record. High speed train exceeded 300 miles per hour during a test between Beijing and Shanghai. The authorities have announced proudly that, considering the time wasted in airport boarding and loading luggage, passengers will soon reach its destination [...]

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