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China Looks To Reconnect With India


  India is one of the most fertile markets in the world and Pakistan is one of the most important countries for the entire world. President of the United States, Barack Obama recently visited India to grab the business opportunities that await other countries but he skipped the visit with Pakistan. That was a huge [...]

Lampart Back To Give Chelsea A Boost


Frank Lampard is set for his return to football this Sunday. The English midfielder, who has been fighting a nagging hernia problem, participated in a 60-minute practice match on Thursday with his team. Lampard, 32, appeared as a substitute palyer against Tottenham on Sunday. Manager Carlo Ancelotti said Lampard would start against United providing there [...]

Putin: “Russia will spend 646 billion dollars for rearmament by 2020 “


Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin announced Monday that the government will allocate 646 billion dollars for army modernization by 2020, Reuters. The armed forces called for increased funding for modernization of weapons systems and aging, which undermines performance in local conflicts after the collapse of the Soviet Union. “We allocate serious funds, significant for rearmament [...]

Modest increase in U.S. stock market, pending approval of tax cuts plan


U.S. stock indexes began the trading session Monday with modest growth, supported by the prospect of tax cuts plan approval from the U.S., writes Reuters. The Dow Jones industrial average rose 0.15% at the beginning of the hearing, Standard & Poor’s has appreciated by 0.17% while the Nasdaq hover near the threshold of closing Friday. [...]

Futurology Michio Kaku: “We have to leave Earth, otherwise we will die”

Michio Kaku

Dr. Michio Kaku, a physicist and futurology, talking about possible solutions to global warming and the existence of intelligent life forms in outer space, being convinced that the future of humanity on Earth is in danger. “I think the next 10 years will be chaotic in terms of energy.No substitute for oil will occur, but [...]

Obama: The facts of the Wikileaks are “deplorable” and “irresponsible”


United States of America are concerned about the gangs of Chinese, Romanian and Albanian in Catalonia that creates networks of prostitution in the area. This shows a secret document of the American Embassy in Spain, revealed Wikileaks. For the first time since scandal diplomatic notes, Barack Obama criticized the more than 250,000 personal notes made [...]

8 people have died in Britain from A/H1N1


Eight people have died from an infection with A/H1N1 in early September, in the United Kingdom, announced Saturday for Health Agency (HPA). In total, ten people died from influenza, but only eight deaths were attributed to formal A/H1N1 strain that has caused a general alert in the world last year. According to the HPA, “it [...]

iPad 2 will have two cameras!


New contracts signed by the maker of electronic components suppliers Apple reveals a new iPad  model, said sources close to the negotiations, one of them stating that the new version of the tablet PC will have two cameras mounted on both sides of the device, Reuters writes. Apple gadget launched this year has seen an [...]

“Anti-wikileaks” sites under siege of hackers!


A group of cyber activists who call themselves “Anonymous” announced Wednesday it will launch more attacks in the cyber defense founder of Wikileaks, after Julian Assange founder was arrested in London and several companies have stopped paying online money transfers to accounts Foundation. The group issued a statement that says he has no connection to [...]

A new solar explosion will take place on Thursday


A massive explosion occurred on the sun during Monday, giving rise to a real lava octopus spread everywhere. Another solar boom is expected to take place on Thursday 9 December. The gigantic eruption gave rise to a magnetic plasma filament, which spanned an area of 700,000 km – almost twice the distance between Earth and [...]

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