ATTENTION, today! A solar storm hits Earth, following the explosion on 12

Solar Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) and NASA spacecraft captured a solar explosion on November 12. The effects could be felt on Earth today, scientists say.

The, solar boom is expected to affect Earth’s magnetic field from 14 to 15 November.After the explosion producing a quantity of solar particles are moving in the direction of Earth.
The telescope astronomy enthusiasts will find these days called aurora phenomena.


During a solar eruption, a huge amount of energy that is in the Sun chromosphere crown is released instantaneously. Matter is projected at high speed in interplanetary space. The phenomenon is accompanied by the emission of X-rays, radio waves and, if more powerful eruptions, the visible light. When they arrive near the Earth and enters the atmosphere, especially above the North Pole region, the particles create polar auroras. They also disrupt the propagation of radio waves around the globe, affecting the electricity distribution networks.

The frequency and intensity of phenomena varies with a period of about 11 years, this time recording the number of sunspot minimum and maximum. Solar activity is influenced by Sun’s rotation and magnetism.

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